SimCity BuildIt the Fun Never Stops on Android and iOS

Few years ago, SimCity has been acknowledge to be a good entertainment for those who love to play stuff in details, exercising patience to thoroughly putting residential zone, roads for your residence to travel to the town, placing factories away from the population and provide them water and electricity as they grow in number in your City. While you have lots of adviser to guide you build the City (while you are a Mayor), it is your decision to manage the City according to your plan. The game feature bigger spaces where you can stroll around the map view you progress.

SimCity BuildIt is one of the latest released of SimCity. To start with, the basic idea of the video game operation , you will have empty space where you start building the roads as you view them from the screen of your Mobile Phones and Tablet. A wonderful place where you can build a City which is a replica of those wonderful Cities of the world such as New York, France, Hong Kong and Michigan or whatever City you want to build. SimCity BuildIt is a new version where you can pinch the screen in 360 in 3D, enjoy a colorful, and totally advance City in your hands. There are pattern of construction in the screen where you get to choose what building you want to build from the start until you reach unlockable construction, to provide your citizens their demands

In SimCity BuildIt you have to be alert on what are the needs of your people, you satisfy them and make sure to keep them happy. Building Residential Zone, and give them a place where they are safe by providing Hospital, Fire Station and Police Station. Although you have all the control to build the City, you need to have plenty of Simoleons and Simcash to purchase materials to be able to Buildings for the improvement of you City. However these Simoleons and SimCash are very rare which can be achieve in small amount as you finish building or you may trade some goods to online players making SimCity BuildIt hack online a viable option for some players. So be sure to build more factories away from residence to have an abundance supply of your products and trade online or sell them in MegaCorp.

Since the video game have in-purchase apps, you can purchase Simeoleons and Simcash where you get to purchase these items and have it in abundance in just one click. SimCity BuildIt can be enjoy in the trusted site, to give you the best source of Simcash and Simoleons.

GTA V PC Port Rumored to be on Great Track

Today, I have a potentially good news for all Grand Theft Auto fans who are looking forward to the PC launch of GTA V this year 2015. I got this news from a trusted source which says Grand Theft Auto 5 already runs at 60 frames per second on the PC and its Max Payne 3 team handling the PC version. You might say, “Okay what’s the big deal?” Well, actually that is a very big deal and let me tell you exactly why that is. It’s not so much the first one which says that GTA 5 is running at 60 fps. That’s hopefully to be expected, but the good part is the fact that the Max Payne 3 team is handling the PC version. So, why is that good?

Let me break a few things down for you guys. Think back to the year 2008 and 2009, when GTA IV was just coming out. Now, we’re talking about Grand Theft Auto IV five years ago. It is maybe a little hard to remember. But if you were one of those people playing on PC then you remember that when GTA IV first came out for PC, it was kinds of messed up and was a disaster. Do not get me wrong, it had the great video and the the high-resolution textures and all that, but the bad thing was that it was very poorly optimized. Even if you had a great gaming computer that surpasses the recommended system requirements, you still couldn’t get a consistent game going. How much more if you are using GTA Online hack which eats up a lot from your system’s juice. You wouldn’t get a consistent frame rate and during a lot of intense action stuff, the frames would just drop in and it was just really poorly running.

A lot of people complained in the PC port that it just was not done as well as it could have been. You might think to yourself, “okay all those back in 2008, nowadays we have better technology, better computers and stuff like that.” Well, that does not mean anything. If you have seen the launch of Watch Dogs that was even worse. That’s why we still have to be a little concern. It is a brand new game and it was just completely unoptimized. It was just unstable, so that was kind of where there’s good news comes into play. The fact that the Max Payne 3 team might potentially be working on Grand Theft Auto 5. This is where we head over to the article where it is reported that a Rockstar developer claimed that the team responsible for the PC version of GTA 5 is none other than the one responsible for Max Payne 3.

In the PC version of Max Payne 3, it was phenomenal and as described by everyone as one of the best PC versions any game in recent years. That is good because Max Payne 3 one was ported over to the PC and was extremely smooth. I mean even on gaming computers that didn’t necessarily have the greatest specs, the game still ran pretty well. It was a good stable frames per second and the game was just optimized really well. That is why, it is really good that so far it rumored that GTA V will be worked on the same team as Max Payne 3 because it is clear that they know what they’re doing. They did a great PC for in the past and with GTA 5 being the biggest game of Rockstar’s history then I think this is a pretty big deal that they do and they do it right.

Highly Rated Mech School Deck Strategy for Hearthstone

I have been doing a lot of play testing lately with my Hearthstone account. And then I realized that the changes I made with my mech school is substantial enough and it deserves some attention so it can also be of help for those who are also interested in the kind of strategy that I am doing. Just a reminder though, I am not forcing you to follow everything here. You can also do some tweaking that will suit your strategy and needs, this is just a guide.

I am officially calling this deck for Hearthstone as “Mech School 2.0″. This deck strategy of mine uses the service of the most powerful medic game in combination with the most used rogue iron sensie card. The basic deck composition for this one are as follows: two backstab, two deadly poison, two clockwork gnome, and lastly two zombie chow. The first two cards Backstab and Deadly Poison will allow you to control the early points of the game which I think the best way to dominate and make statement, otherwise, you will have a hard time if you can’t dictate the pace of the game. Not mention those two cards mention has high value with low cost.

Clockwork Gnome on the other hand is staple to the deck and is unquestionably an important piece of the deck no matter what strategy you are planning to do. And with Zombie chow with its high stats gives a big boost in the opening rounds to control the game, much like Backstab and Deadly Poison’s role.

Now since you are done with the opening part of the strategy, we will be tackling on the latter part of the game and we will be using the following cards on the deck: two Sap, two Annoy-o-tron, one Dire Wolf Alpha, and two Mechwarper. Annoy-o-tron’s durability combine with rogue’s low cost control spell makes it the best antagonist for enemies. It is also worth nothing that being able to block those spells is vital towards the middle game. Sap will help you control enemy minions removing enemy major treats while dodging high damage death rattles. Dire wolf will give you that extra edge against enemy minions and lastly Mechwarper is a no brainer addition to the deck with its innate adaptive ability to the Mech School strategy.

So, that is it. The rundown of the worth noting Mech School 2.0 for Hearthstone and you can also click here for more deck composition. This strategy is not entirely conceptualized by myself but rather a compilation and tweaking of so many strategies that I found online. You are absolutely free to change things up according to what suits you best.